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Institutional Grade Exchange

As part of a regulated eco system in the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) under the Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA), DEX seeks to serve institutional investors who require a regulated environment for investment purposes.

The regulatory framework implemented by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority provides a robust approach for the regulation of crypto assets under stringent market infrastructure rules, an independent judiciary within the ADGM and a legal framework developed bespoke for crypto asset exchanges and custodianship respectively. DEX embodies first in class operational capabilities, a sophisticated trading platform and is positioned to be a leading regulated crypto exchange for investment into crypto assets for both local and global institutional investors.

Institutional Crypto Asset Custodianship

The DEX ecosystem will provide institutional grade crypto asset custodianship for all digital assets that can be accessed within the regulated exchange platform. DEX will offer custodian storage of cryptocurrencies for financial institutions, asset / wealth managers, family offices and HNWI investors. Our cold storage solutions will provide use of encryption with multi-sig authorization to ensure that the assets are stored securely. DEX is working closely with market leaders in the cold storage eco system to provide the highest level of security for institutional clients to invest and store theircrypto assets in a secure environment

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Security Tokens

DEX seeks to offer Security Tokens to qualified investors as defined by the regulatory framework in the Abu Dhabi Global Market as enforced by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority. Prior to listing any potential Security Token DEX will work closely with the financial services regulator to ensure that all conditions have been discharged against the regulations in place and have been satisfied prior to listing. Rigorous due diligence will be conducted on a case by case basis to ensure that the potential token is assessed to be fit and proper and are directed towards professional clients and
adhere to the stipulated regulations in the ADGM under the FSRA.

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Market Transparency

DEX will implement leading market surveillance and transaction analysis to ensure that members and clients that are on boarded to the exchange have been properly screened against leading databases that may identify them as a source of nefarious funds or a wanted criminal therein. Our platform will identify nefarious sources and exposure in near real-time with a transaction monitoring system for crypto assets deposited onto out trading platform.

The algorithms provide near real-time alerts on incoming and outgoing transactions from DEX that identify potential links to suspicious activity. The AML compliance processes are automated with near real time risk scores and assessments for all transactions on our exchange platform. 

A Regulated Crypto Asset Eco System

DEX represents a leading regulated crypto asset exchange in the UAE that will allow retail investors from the UAE and GCC markets to deposit fiat into a regulated exchange in their native currency. DEX will offer institutional investors, high net worth individuals, family offices, hedge funds and crypto asset funds with the ability to invest into a highly regulated exchange within a sophisticated regulated crypto eco system that ensures a robust eco system to protect their investments.

The compliance, market surveillance and measures taken to regulate the exposure of crypto assets to nefarious sources traded on the exchange will provide the highest level of regulation available in congruence with the regulatory framework employed by the FSRA / ADGM. DEX embodies first in class operational capabilities, regulatory mechanisms and is positioned to be a leading regulated crypto exchange attracting both local and global institutional investment into crypto assets.