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Empowering Global Digital Markets

As digital asset markets mature and capital markets embrace blockchain technology, there is a need for regulated digital asset platforms to provide a financial eco system to serve all market participants requirements. DEX is on track to be a leader in the global digital asset marketplace with strong technical intellectual capital, an innovative approach, a digital assets regulatory framework and robust compliance.

Our goal is to provide market access to digital assets for both primary and secondary markets in a transparent, regulated and secure environment. Our platform and digital asset classes provide for a fresh and innovative approach to traditional capital markets as well as provide a regulated eco system for all market participants.

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Digital asset exchanges are
regulated in the Abu Dhabi
Global Market under the
regulatory OCAB and Digital
Assets regulatory framework
under the Financial Services
Regulatory Authority.
All digital assets listed and
traded on DEX are regulated
and recognized a unique
asset class as per the digital
asset framework.

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Providing regulatory
technology that allows for
transparency for our market
participants to ensure that
all digital assets traded are
transparent from issuance
to be being traded on the

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As a regulated digital asset
custodian all digital assets
are securely stored employing
sophisticated best in class
market practice to ensure the
security of our clients digital assets.


It's time to join the digital
asset movement.

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