A safe and secure institutional grade platform built specifically to manage institutional clients, providing a secure crypto and digital asset exchange and providing confidence in the marketplace.
The exchange's order matching engine provides institutional grade infrastructure to ensure trade fulfillment.
DEX offers a best in class gold standard for retail and institutional clients in the digital
DEX allows modularity and scalability in terms of centralized order matching, settlement, and custodial interface therein.

DEX will operate as a regulated Crypto Asset Exchange and Crypto Asset Custodian under the OCAB Framework as structured by the FSRA that governs all crypto asset and digital asset financial activities in the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM).

Institutional Grade Exchange

DEX will provide a platform for both retail and institutional grade investors to trade on a fully regulated exchange into digital assets in a highly regulated financial eco system. The exchange will act as a fiat to crypto exchange with major international currencies being served as well as local currency pairings native to the UAE/GCC markets.

Institutional Crypto Asset Custodianship

DEX will act as an institutional grade crypto and digital asset custodian as a regulated crypto asset custodian under the OCAB Framework as structured by the FSRA in the ADGM.

Security Tokens

DEX seeks to offer Security Tokens to qualified investors as defined by the regulatory framework in the Abu Dhabi Global Market as enforced by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority.

Prior to listing any potential Security Token DEX will work closely with the financial services regulator to ensure that all conditions have been discharged against the regulations in place and have been satisfied prior to listing.

Rigorous due diligence will be conducted on a case by case basis to ensure that the potential token is assessed to be fit and proper and are directed towards professional clients and adhere to the stipulated regulations in the ADGM under the FSRA.

Market Transparency

DEX will implement market surveillance technology to ensure that the exchange actively monitors trading activity both in near real time as well as analysing trading data sets on a regular basis to ensure that no market manipulation, market abuse or nefarious trading activity is being conducted on the exchange.

A Regulated Crypto Asset Eco System

DEX will offer both retail and institutional market participants the ability to interface with a highly regulated exchange offering best in class operational capabilities, regulatory mechanisms and is positioned to be a leading regulated digital exchange for both local and global institutional investment into crypto and digital assets.