Access the global digital asset marketplace with an innovative approach to digital assets.

Access the global digital asset marketplace
with an innovative approach to digital assets,
digital securities and capital markets.

A Global Digital Assets Marketplace

Empowering Global Digital Markets

As virtual asset markets mature and capital markets embrace them as an alternative regulated asset class, there is a need for regulated digital asset platforms to provide a financial ecosystem to serve all market participants’ requirements. DEX seeks to be a leader in the global digital asset marketplace with strong technical intellectual capital, an innovative approach, backing onto a virtual asset regulatory framework and a robust compliance framework.

Our goal is to provide market access to all digital assets for both primary and secondary markets in a transparent, regulated and secure environment. Our platform and virtual asset classes provide for an innovative approach to traditional capital markets as well as offer a regulated eco system for all market participants.

Virtual Assets

DEX will provide a leading global virtual-asset platform for both retail and institutional market participants to trade virtual assets within a secure, regulated ecosystem. The platform will serve all major currencies, provide full insurance for our clients’ assets and provide the highest level of transparency for market participants.

Regulatory Technology

For DEX, providing institutional-grade regulatory technology is paramount to ensure that the digital asset ecosystem actively monitors trading activity and that no market manipulation or market abuse is conducted. Leading KYC technology will be deployed to screen all market participants before being onboarded as a client.

Transaction analysis and KYT are paramount to ensure that all digital assets traded on the exchange do not come from nefarious sources that identify potential links to suspicious activity

Digital Securities

Digital securities represent equity in an asset recorded in a digital share registry that records ownership through a cryptographically secure shared ledger. It is a unique asset class that represents a revolutionary financial asset class that is changing the global capital market landscape with a more flexible approach to the securitisation, listing and trading of traditional asset classes.

Global Digital Asset Liquidity

A robust digital security ecosystem provides increased liquidity for issuers and subscribers in the primary and secondary markets. Digital securities bring increased liquidity to a broad spectrum of illiquid assets providing the issuer increased reach for market participants in their primary and secondary markets. Digital Security Offerings (DSOs) provide increased liquidity and access to capital markets, which allow for broader access to capital by early- stage firms in a capital raise and liquid exits for venture capital / early-stage investors.


Executive Leadership

Leon Smith
Leon SmithCEO & Founder
Phil Langton
Phil LangtonCOO
Terry Gibson
Terry GibsonCTO
Lynsey Copping
Lynsey CoppingCFO
Halid Mousa
Halid MousaGroup Chief Architect
Arash Saidi
Arash SaidiGeneral Counsel


Tim Thurman
Tim ThurmanSenior Advisor
Hugh Richards
Hugh RichardsStrategic Advisor
Galal Kulaib
Galal KulaibAdvisor
Adam Kalamchi
Adam KalamchiCapital Structuring Advisor
Marco Crosignani
Marco CrosignaniRegulatory Legal Advisor
John D'Agostino
John D'AgostinoAdvisor