Aurus is a Fintech company replicating the gold market in a digital way bringing a highly liquid and global gold investment solution to financial markets.

Maria Group International has interests in equity funding, real estates, constructions, electronics, electronic production, commodities trading, gold & diamond mining and agriculture and pride themselves on eithical business practices.

Crypto Exchange Alliance seeks to build a self-regulatory platform that enables trust and transparency by vastly improving current crypto exchange market issues.

Dobuy is a Digital Platform that can be used in various sectors of the economy through specialized simplified digital solutions.

Proof Suite is a company based out of South Korea and The United States specializing in developing trade technologies, researching new approaches, and adapting public blockchain codebases for enterprise use.

Geneva Diamond Exchange is a non-profit association founded in Swiss Confederation to advise and inform its Members on diamonds.

Tiilio is a simple and accessible stock market investment app, for investing in interests and trends.

Bitchain Capital is the U.K’s leading blockchain consultancy service specializing in Digital Asset Diversification, Fund Creation & Management Services, ICO Consulting, Executive Networking & Blockchain Recruitment.

Monaco Diamond Exchange is a non-profit association founded in the Principality of Monaco to advise and inform its Members on diamonds.